110+ Events

Events and Culturals, the words that portray the amusement and competitions at Riviera. It gives a new radical measurement to entertainment and learning that also empowers you to blend in the mix of your fantasies and come out reincarnated with an amazing experience of a lifetime.


With an immense scope and sorts, yet precisely chosen, a mix of tunes from across the world or a group of maestros to the EDMs makers, Riviera brings to you an experience class apart with the prestigious artists. The culture of concerts that unwinds amid the Proshows will amuse you, for you will encounter the greatest nights of your life here. What are you waiting for? Experience this uniqueness of talents which unfold themselves as they engrave your minds more than ever!


Riviera has always been a classic example of that it’s the endeavour that counts. Yet again, it promises to keep the dedication levels at its pinnacle and sportsmanship in all your hearts, keeping the glory high, and watching every game with a fervour. We wholeheartedly present to you a league of sports! May the best ones win!

Campus Decoration

Riviera, reviving the era. A mere attempt by our handful of talented artists to bend time completely makes one relive the era in the four days of the fest. The knick-knack and gimcrack all around the campus has its own tranquilizing effect over us. Once in a year opportunity to get away in this spangle doodah with all these decorations in and around is surely something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Food Stalls

There is no sincerer love than the love for food. And here, in Riviera we have everything from ice creams to pizzas to burgers to dosas to biryanis to candyfloss... Well, you already feel the hunger, don't you? Food stalls are a perfect hangout space during the days of Riviera, don't miss out on the amazing cuisines. Happy Eating!